Archiv für Oktober 2010

Es wird kälter…

Journey in [a/ex]cess

Lecture disentangles hallway
A crowded violation of a vodka bottle
It is half-full,dumped, accessible to:
A complaining professor: „Theory left-bottle left!“
Shouts are provoking and a inappropriate handling
Of(f) situation turns over into a party
Excess in Dionyisos-nonviolation for seven hours
„Sit in, don‘t squat, but resist the [non-]rule.“

Conversation is normalized, that conserves the atmosphere.
Then leaves leaving in darkness
The wet asphalt street is light-supported,
An ongoing celebration of female bodies
has the result of a different foreign brother complaining
One pervasive presence of the cue commited to
Non-sight, the mood: not undermining, not overcoming
I am intensifying the excess intentionally, but nondelirious.

The next highway cirle-driving causes episodes:
Best-friend-girlfriend-related ones, empowered and determined
A decision in the car is taken to the straight exit
But there is no exi(s)t, just the cave of concreteness.
Instead: neon lightbulb performance art of Japan
Not affiliated but essential to me is the school-friend
But his hysterical reaction: „What do you wanna do?“
It is a half full, free, angel-wing event.

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